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Virgin Media O2 to fully Fiberize Broadband Network in the UK

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Virgin Media O2 unveiled plans to upgrade its UK Broadband Network to a Full Fiber optic Network by 2028. Although 2028 is a lot of time you may think. It’s almost perfect timing considering the expense and time to upgrade to the fiber network. Fiber Network Cable is not itself what makes it expensive. It’s the long process of digging to upgrade and expand the fiber network that makes it expensive. Not to say the time taken to process the permission required within cities for digging up.

The company launched last month following the merger of £ 31 Billion mergers between Virgin Media and O2. It said the project will cover 14.3 Million premises including the 1.3 Million Homes already covered by full fiber.

Virgin Media O2 said its investment plan would bolster its long-term network strategy, improve connectivity for consumers and businesses and create options to potentially pursue the broadband wholesale market in the UK.

It added that the project would cause a “modest” increase to its current capital expenditure costs of roughly £2bn per year.

“Our mission is to upgrade the UK, and we are doing exactly that,” said boss Lutz Schueler.

“This major new fiber upgrade program will see us begin the next evolution of our network, building on the investment, firepower, and leadership we already have and ensuring we’re fiber fit for the future.”

What this means to consumers is Much More Reliable and More plans with speed well over a gigabit. Fiber optic Network has Huge Bandwidth that even during the Most congested time doesn’t get the Network congested and also has super-low latency. And it’s the Major Backbone of Current and Future networks like 5g and other upcoming Networks. 

This also gives tough competition to BT which also has set a target of 25 million premises by the end of 2026. So it’s a Huge benefit for Consumers to expect your Network to be upgraded to Fiber in the coming month or years if it’s Not in fiber. And Fiber consumers already in there also can expect a speed upgrade or plans becoming more affordable.