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List of Arrows in Latex

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Here is a List of Different Arrows Codes that you can use for Latex.

Arrows in Latex.


TermSymbolsLatex Code
Single Down Arrow$ downarrow $
Single Up Arrow$ uparrow $
Single Left Arrow?$ leftarrow $
Single Right Arrow$ rightarrow $
Single Long Left Arrow$ longleftarrow $
Single Long Right Arrow$ longrightarrow $
Down Arrow$ Downarrow $
Up Arrow $ Uparrow $
Left Arrow$ Leftarrow $
Right Arrow$ Rightarrow $
Long Left Arrow$ Longleftarrow $
Long Right Arrow$ Longrightarrow $
Single Double Sided Arrows$ leftrightarrow $
Single Long Double Sided Arrows$ longleftrightarrow $
Double Sided Arrows$ Leftrightarrow $
Double Sided Long Arrow⟸⟹$ Longleftrightarrow $
Double Single up/down Arrows$ updownarrow $
Double up/down Arrows$ Updownarrow $
North West arrow$ nwarrow $
North east arrow$ nearrow $
South west arrow$ swarrow $
South east arrow$ searrow $
Hook Left arrow$ hookleftarrow $
Hook Right arrow$ hookrightarrow $
Wave Right arrow$ leadsto $
Right arrow from Bar$ mapsto $
Long right arrow from Bar$ longmapsto $

In case the symbols are not working. Use “latexsym” package to expose these symbols.

Text Mode Arrow 

TermSymbolsLatex Code
Text Down Arrowtextdownarrow
Text Up Arrowtextuparrow
Text Right Arrowtextrightarrow
Text Left Arrowtextleftarrow


TermSymbolsLatex Code
Down Harpoon Left Arrow$ downharpoonleft $
Down Harpoon Right Arrow$ downharpoonright $
Up Harpoon Left Arrow$ upharpoonleft $
Up Harpoon Right Arrow$ upharpoonright $
Left Harpoon Down Arrow$ leftharpoondown $
Right Harpoon Down Arrow$ rightharpoondown $
Left Harpoon Up Arrow$ leftharpoonup $
Right Harpoon Up Arrow$ rightharpoonup $
Left Right Harpoon Arrow$ rightleftharpoons $
Right Left Harpoon Arrow$ leftrightharpoons $

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