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Celcom to phase out 3G by year end

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Malaysia : Celcom, One of the internet provider in Malaysia to Phase out its 3G Network by end of this year. Celcom also announced that its will launch 5G Network by year end.

The mobile network operator (MNO) said that it is on track with its 3G sunsetting plans, starting at the end of this month in phases until completion targeted by Dec 31, 2021. The telco is also working to increase 4G network coverage at 3,200 sites nationwide.

Local media reports quoted Celcom chief executive officer (CEO) Idham Nawawi as saying: “We are on track with our plan for nationwide 3G shutdown in stages from end-September until Dec 31, 2021″. 

Mohamad Idham said Celcom is being very careful with the shutdown of its 3G network to ensure no implication arises on 4G users while also trying to upgrade the 3G users to 4G Network smoothly. He also added “We will continue to work to raise the quality of our 4G network coverage and experience, as well as ensuring our customers have a seamless transition from 3G to 4G”.

Celcom currently has about 98% of devices on its network already on 4G devices, while less than 3% of its customers are still operating on 3G devices. And it now makes sense to use this 3G Network spectrum more efficiently by using for Newer Network like 4G or 5G which uses the spectrum much more efficiently while adding newer features and speed increase while also decreasing latency and improving how much users in can handle in each sites which in turn reduce the congestion on Network at Peak hours.

To date, Celcom has completed almost 95% of network upgrading works at approximately 9,500 sites, performed network optimization at more than 3,600 sites, and delivered 4G coverage improvements at 3,200 sites, nationwide. 

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