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Home » China Telecom deploys ZTE QCell 5G SuperMIMO to Boast 5G Strength

China Telecom deploys ZTE QCell 5G SuperMIMO to Boast 5G Strength

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Shenzhen, China : ZTE Corporation, one of the Major Telecom Equipment for Mobile Network with China Mobile has deployed QCell 5G SuperMIMO solution in Quanzhou, China.

According to the location distribution of user terminal (UE), the Qcell 5G SuperMIMO solution can combine two technologies, namely Super cell and MU-MIMO, to adaptively perform multi-UE space division pairing. The solution is applicable to the scenarios of both digital QCell and traditional distributed antenna system (DAS), effectively solving the contradiction between “interference” and “capacity” and exponentially increasing user perception.

It also showed very impressive performance during field test. The result shows before the SuperMIMO is enabled, the QCell super cell throughput is 1.07 Gbps. After enabled it reaches more than double the throughput to 2.2 Gbps, 3 Gbps and 4.05 Gbps respectively. This greatly improves user experience to the end users.

In 2020, ZTE and China Telecom jointly launched the innovative 2.1GHz NR eDAS indoor distribution solution, which is the first 5G network performance improvement solution based on the traditional 2.1GHz NR indoor distribution system in the industry. The solution successfully overcomes the bottleneck of the traditional system.

To date, SuperMIMO has developed into another innovative indoor distribution technology following the eDAS solution, demonstrating great technical strength of the Quanzhou Branch of China Telecom and ZTE in the research and innovative application of communication networks. Moving forward, both parties will  be further committed to building high-quality 5G networks for their users through technical innovations.

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