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Converge to upgrade its Network backbone to double the capacity

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PHILIPPINES: One of the Fiber Network provider Converge ICT Solutions is upgrading the metro fiber backbone to increase the capacity up to double from 400 Gbps to 800 Gbps. Converge activated the Philippines ‘ first 400 Gbps metro backbone in 2020. So it shows how the data usage exploded during this covid situations due to work from home, students studying from home, and general usage of the network.

In the regulatory filing on Tuesday, July 6, Converge announced that the move will be done “in anticipation of the use of next-generation, hyperscale capacity applications over its fiber-optic network”.

Converge chief executive officer Dennis Anthony UY said “Developments in cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, combined with the increasing demands on remote storage, and increasing streaming is creating massive demand on our network and data centers”. He also added “We want to respond to the high-capacity needs of our network and customers, and to be able to accommodate any new generation technologies they may have”. 

Converge chief operations officer Jesus Romero said the upgraded capacity would allow users to download the latest season of first person shooter Valorant and over 20 HD Movies in one second. He also added ” At the same time, this latest technology allows us to use less hardware to efficiently deliver our services, limits the possibility of congestion weather in normal or outage situations, and reduces our enegy consumption and cost”. 


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