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How to Delete Telegram Account

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Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Deleting the Telegram account is straightforward. you can follow step by step method below.

Before you delete the account make sure that you actually need to delete the account. Because once you delete the account all files will be permanently deleted and there is no way to recover your data back. Also if you need to create a New Account using the same number it may take several days before you could activate the new account. Another precaution is if you have saved/important files in telegram make sure you download them. And lastly, if you created Channels/Group make sure to make admin before you leave so that Channel/Group will be unaffected for others although Telegram has the ability to assign random members as Admin in case you are the sole admin for the channel.

If you want to download your Data. Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t allow export from Telegram Mobile App. For this, you have to download Telegram Desktop App in Windows/Mac. Now go to Settings>Advanced>Export Telegram Data. And Select the Data you want to Export. And Save.

Deleting Telegram Account using Web

The Easiest, Fast, and Recommended Method to delete Telegram is by using Telegram Web. Follow the method below to delete the account.

Step 1 :

Go to the following website and enter your phone number with your country code (This is the official Telegram Website): Authorization (

Step 2 :

Now you will get a Notification on Telegram with a one-time password and verify it.

Step 3 :

On the Next page, Click Delete Account.

Step 4 :

Read the instruction and warning. Optionally you can write why you are leaving Telegram. And click Delete My Account.

Delete Telegram Account using Telegram App

If you want to delete the account directly using the app. Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t have a feature to delete accounts directly. But in Settings, you can set the account to self-destruct itself within a period of time which you can set between 1 Month and 1 Year. If you are using this method it will only delete the account if you don’t use the account for the given period of time. For Eg. If you choose 1 Month, then you should be in-active for 1 Month to self-destruct itself. Follow the steps below to delete the account using the following method.

Step 1 :

Go to Settings in the Telegram App

Step 2 :

Select Privacy and Security. Then look for Delete My Account > If away for. And then select the time period to delete the Account. You can select between 1 Month to 1 Year. And you have to be in-active during this time to auto-destruct itself.

And That’s it. Now you have Deleted Telegram Account.


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