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Oppo A53 Android 12 Eligibility, Update Status

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Android 12 Eligibility :

Oppo A53, initially released in August 2020 came with Color OS 7.2 based on Android 10. Oppo officially announced it will release at least 1 Major update and up to 3 Years of security updates to the A-series. And since it already received the First Major Update with Color OS 11 based on Android 11 it’s the second major update and Oppo A53 is officially Eligible for Color OS 12 based on the Android 12 update. As Android 12 was released in October 2021 Oppo has already announced its Release schedule. And From Oppo’s Official Twitter – Beta Update for Oppo A53 is going to release soon. A stable Update to All countries will be followed soon usually in a Month. Check Update Status down below for the latest updates.

We will update the article accordingly. You can check Update Status down. Also as a note, we will be updating the List According to the First release. Some regions will be getting updates in weeks or months after the first release.

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Update Status :

18 April 2022:

Oppo is now releasing Color OS 12 based on the Android 12 Beta update for Oppo A53 in India. For more details check out this update thread: A53 Android 12 x ColorOS 12 Beta Version Notice | OPPO Community.

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