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Home » Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55: Flagship Cameras for Less, Powered by Capable Processors

Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55: Flagship Cameras for Less, Powered by Capable Processors

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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A35 and A55, mid-range smartphones that pack impressive camera features typically found in their flagship line, but also house capable processors from Samsung’s Exynos range. These new devices cater to users who prioritize exceptional photography and smooth performance without breaking the bank.

Flagship Camera Tech at an Accessible Price

Both the A35 and A55 sport a 50MP main sensor, allowing for sharp and detailed photos. The A55 steps it up with a 12MP ultra-wide lens, ideal for capturing expansive landscapes or group shots, while the A35 utilizes an 8MP ultra-wide option. Both phones come equipped with a 5MP macro lens for close-up shots.

OIS for Steady Photos and Videos

A standout feature is the inclusion of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the main sensor. This technology significantly reduces blur caused by shaky hands, ensuring crisp photos even in low-light conditions. Video gets a boost too, with Video Digital Image Stabilization (VDIS) minimizing shakiness when filming on the go.


Capture the Night with Enhanced Nightography

Samsung continues its legacy of excellent low-light photography with improved Nightography on the A35 and A55. This mode utilizes advanced image processing to capture clear and bright photos in dimly lit environments.

Powering the Performance

Under the hood, the Galaxy A35 is equipped with the Exynos 1380 processor, a mid-range chipset designed to deliver smooth performance for everyday tasks and multitasking. The Galaxy A55 takes a step further with the Exynos 1480 chipset, boasting a more advanced architecture for handling demanding apps and games.

Exynos 1380: Reliable Mid-Range Performance

The Exynos 1380 in the A35 utilizes a combination of high-performance and energy-efficient cores, making it adept at handling daily tasks, social media browsing, and light gaming. It’s paired with up to 8GB of RAM for smooth multitasking.

Exynos 1480: Taking Performance Up a Notch

The Galaxy A55 boasts the Exynos 1480, a more powerful chipset built on a 4nm manufacturing process. This translates to improved efficiency and better performance compared to the Exynos 1380. With up to 12GB of RAM on offer, the A55 is suited for users who enjoy mobile gaming or running demanding applications.

Long-Term Software Support

Samsung is committed to providing software updates for the Galaxy A35 and A55. Both devices come pre-installed with Android 14 and Samsung’s One UI 6.1 interface. Samsung guarantees four major Android OS upgrades, ensuring users receive the latest features and security patches for up to four years after launch. Additionally, they will receive security updates for an extra year, bringing the total software support to five years. This extended software support is uncommon for mid-range devices and positions the A35 and A55 as future-proof options.

Early Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 aim to shake up the mid-range smartphone market with their flagship-caliber camera systems and capable processors. With features like OIS, high-resolution sensors, improved Nightography, and Exynos chipsets, these devices are a compelling option for budget-conscious users who prioritize capturing stunning photos and videos while enjoying smooth overall performance.