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Top 5 Innovative Products of CES 2022

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CES 2022
CES 2022

CES 2022 Officially Ended yesterday. Even though CES 2022 had Many Backlashes due to the rising Corona Cases and Many Companies Officially withdrawn from CES this year. Still this year had one of the Best Product showcases in Years. Here are Top 5 Innovative Products that was very impressive this CES 2022.

1. BMW iX Flow–poFec

Definitely the Top spot goes to BMW iX Flow because of How Cool and How unexpected it was. It definitely steal the entire CES 2022 spot and have been discussed all over the web. Even though its not a consumer product yet and may take several years to become Main Stream. You can check out the above Video from YouTube Channel “Electric Vehicle” on how it works and its showcase.

BMW iX Flow can change color between Black and white on a switch of a Button. It uses E-Ink Technology for this. The body is laminated with an electrophoretic film containing microcapsules the diameter of a human hair. Each capsule contains differently charged white, black or coloured particles which become visible when an electric field is applied. This creates what is known as an Electronic Paper Display (EPD). 

You can check out More in BMW Website : Click Here.

2. Samsung QD-OLED Display

Samsung Display Showcased its New Type of OLED Called QD-OLED. And its one of the Major improvement for OLED in some year now. OLED technology was already very impressive. It was a massive jump from LCD. But there was problem of Highest Brightness, Color Range and Burn in issues. This New QD-OLED exactly improves in all this aspects. QD-OLED uses updated OLED technology that relies on quantum dots to supercharge colors and deliver more brightness and wider color range while also improving its life span.

And while Samsung did not announced any new products using this panels. Sony Actually Showcased its new TV that uses QD-OLED in which the panel was manufactured by as you guess Samsung.

You can check out more about Quantum Dot : Click Here.

3. Samsung ECO Remote

Samsung ECO Remote
Samsung’s New ECO Remote

Well Another remote you say. This is a special remote that can recharge itself using your routers Radio Waves. Samsung introduced solar panels in remote last year and this year it improves the self charging capabilities by adding the ability to harness the power of radio waves from your home routers. Well this energy from radio waves is so small but for a remote its what it all needs. Its one of the cool technology that help to reduce e-waste like the one time use battery that you usually replace. 

You can check more info in Samsung Sustainability Blog : Click Here.

4. Sony Bravia Cam

Its not another video calling camera. This Sony Bravia Camera is an intelligent camera for your TV. It have a feature called “Ambient Optimization Pro”. And what it can do is based on where you’re sitting and how the camera views you, the Bravia Cam will work with the TV to adjust the picture settings for an optimal view while adjusting the sound for the best audio experience. Even neater, if someone joins you on the couch or if you move from the left to the right, the Bravia Cam will adjust the TV accordingly. Further It can conserve energy by its advanced feature with which it can dim the display if it sees you walking out of the frame and eventually turn the panel off once it’s detected no activity for a bit. It’s also keeping an eye to see how close you are to the TV and will even prompt you to move farther away.

And other features you can check out Sony’s Bravia Cam Here.

5. Asus ROG Flow Z13


A 2 in 1 Tablet with windows operating system is normal like Microsoft Surface. But a 2 in 1  Tablet that is a Built for Gaming as the Main Factor is unique concept. And Asus showcased there new Asus ROG Flow Z13. Asus Flow Z13 packs great specs for its form factor into a relatively compact tablet with a kickstand. And its not a concept its releasing soon.

Asus ROG Flow Z3 comes with New Intel 12th Gen H-Series chips and with Nvidia 3050 Ti Graphics. Which gives a solid performance for a device like this. Plus it supports Asus Proprietary External GPU Support which can turn this device to whole new level with Newer External GPU’s like Nvidia 3080.

Check out More about ROG Flow Z13 Here.

And that’s a wrap up of some of the innovative products this CES. There was Many showcases this year. And you can check out other CES Products and concepts in Web.

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