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TPG Telecom boosts Mid Band spectrum with Dense Air Deal

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Australia: TPG Telecom, a leading operator in Australia struck a deal to increase its Mid Band spectrum holdings covering some of the largest cities in the country. Buying various assets won in a 2018 auction by neutral host company Dense Air. While in a separate transaction TPG Telecom will sell license in 2.6 GHz band to Dense Air Australia, Complementing asset bought by neutral host company at the country’s mmWave Auction earlier this year. Both Telecom did not disclose any Financial Terms for the Transactions. Both are subject to regulatory approval.

In a statement, TPG Telecom said the agreement comprised licenses in the 3.6GHz band covering Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

TPG Telecom CEO Inaki Berroeta said: “For our mobile and home wireless customers, this additional mid-band 5G spectrum will mean a significant boost in speeds through increased capacity”, noting “as this spectrum is immediately adjacent to our existing 5G spectrum holdings, it can be deployed quickly and without significant cost”.

TPG Telecom noted the “3.6GHz spectrum is a much better complement to its existing spectrum portfolio than assets in the 2.6GHz band, while the latter better enables Dense Air’s neutral host model.”

In this, both sides are equally winners. For TPG it means more speed and coverage for its 5G. As of Mid Band 5G especially 3.5 GHz is well known for its very great speed and much more coverage compared to the mmWave spectrum. This will give a Huge edge for TPG Telecom 5G compared to other providers. For Dense Air, it enables to work with Australian service providers and cities to build shared 4G and 5G wireless networks that close digital divides and ensure ubiquitous future proof connectivity. This will benefit consumers, Network providers, and Enterprises.

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