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Residents of Hanover to get Fiber optic internet by valley fiber

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Valley Fiber Ltd. is an internet service provider based in Southern Manitoba that has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Hanover to bring its dedicated fiber internet technology to communities like Blumenort, Bristol, Friedensfeld, Grunthal, Kleefeld, Mitchell, New Bothwell, Pansy, Randolph, Rosengard, Sarto, Tourond, Trentham, along the route, and several rural developments in the region.

This is good news for the residents living there. As Fiber internet is generally much faster while delivering very reliable connection. Also, users gonna also see the strength of fiber connection even when at the peak hour. Fiber connections have much greater bandwidth than any other form of connection. And this means telecom companies can give much better packages with better speed and unlimited data.

The project includes 41 kilometers of dedicated fiber lines with an investment of $12 million into Hanover. The project is part of Valley Fiber’s Connect Rural project in partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank to provide dedicated fiber internet, TV, and phone services to these communities.

“We at Valley Fiber are excited to become a part of the communities of Hanover,” says Conley Kehler, Senior VP at Valley Fiber Ltd. “Having access to fast, reliable internet is no longer a luxury, it’s an essential part of our lives and we embrace the opportunity to offer services to the residents of Hanover. We understand the business and residential growth in Southern Manitoba. Our goal from the beginning was not about making Netflix faster, but rather deliver a product to assist with the economic demand and increase the attractiveness of moving or starting a business in rural Manitoba”.

The Rural Municipality of Hanover’s Reeven Stan Toews said  “Fast and reliable internet service is something that can make a significant difference. From homes to schools to businesses, the digital age has created a technological gap and this is the bridge we will use to cross into our future. Improved quality of life, as well as new economic opportunities, are open to the people of Hanover with this announcement.”

Construction will begin this year itself with plans starting from ~$ 85 with 150 Up/down speed and can go all the way to 1 Gbps for ~$ 165. Customers can also add voice and TV with bundle packages. If you are interested you can check out more plans here.

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