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X to Challenge YouTube with Dedicated Smart TV App

  • 2 min read
Decorative image: x-twitter-logo

Elon Musk’s social media platform, X (Formerly Twitter), is set to take on the video giant YouTube with the launch of a dedicated app for smart TVs. This news comes after X began experimenting with longer-form video content, hinting at their ambitions in the video-sharing space.

According to reports from Fortune, the X app will be available within a week and will offer a familiar user interface similar to YouTube. This suggests a focus on ease of use for users already accustomed to watching videos on the big screen. Initially, the app will be compatible with Fire OS (Amazon) and Tizen OS (Samsung) smart TVs, with plans to expand to other platforms like Google TV and Apple TV soon.

While specific features haven’t been revealed, X leveraging Apple’s AirPlay for seamless streaming to TVs hints at a focus on user convenience. This move by X could potentially fragment the video-watching landscape, offering users another platform for content discovery and consumption.

Analysts are watching closely to see how X will differentiate itself from YouTube. Will it focus on specific content genres or offer unique creator monetization options? Only time will tell if X can carve out a niche in the already crowded video-sharing market.