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How to install YouTube App on Huawei

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As Now everyone knows Huawei’s latest devices don’t have google play store and google services. Many Apps had a workaround but one of the main apps that is YouTube doesn’t have much alternative or workaround. Today we will show two methods on How to download YouTube App on the latest Huawei devices. 

Update 17 March 2022: As Youtube Vanced is discontinued. Method 2 No Longer works. We will update the article with a New method to get Youtube App. Meanwhile, you can use Method 1 to enjoy youtube or youtube website.

Method 1 : Using YouTube website by quick apps and adding the YouTube shortcut to homescreen

As the name suggests this is more like a quick way to open the Youtube web. If you want a real app then you have to follow the next method.

Here is a link on How to use YouTube using the quick app:

Method 2 : YouTube Vanced App (Discontinued)

what is youtube vanced?

[Update from 17 March 2022 Youtube Vanced discontinued and will Not be downloadable] Vanced is a ‘modded’ Android app (APK) formerly known as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback). There is a requirement to install another app called MicroG which allows the device to access your google account. It is technically an open-source replacement for GMS but will require a number of permissions on the device. If you are concerned you can use Vanced without MicroG but you won’t have access to your youtube account.

Note: This App is a Third-Party App and Not directly from Google. But these developers are very reputable as this app is one of the most downloaded apps for Advertisement Free YouTube.

What are some of the main features of Vanced?

  • Playing videos without advertisements: no more ads.
  • Pinch the screen to zoom (regardless of the device).
  • very dark black theme.
  • Play videos in the background.
  • “Picture in picture mode” (PIP): While using other applications, continue to watch videos.
  • Select resolution preferred by you.
  • AV1 or VP9? You are in control of what you want.
  • Override maximum resolution.

How to Install YouTube Vanced :

1. Go to YouTube vanced website(link given) download vanced manager and install the app. This manager lets you download and update the YouTube Vanced App. Link:

Vanced Website

2. Open the vanced manager. Then First download MicroG and then youtube vanced. (A pop-up Notification will say to install the app press install)

Vanced Manager

3. Now open YouTube vanced and it’s ready. If you want to sign in then follow this step. Go to YouTube vanced press sign in. And write E-mail and password. And select “Huawei” and it takes a minute or two and Done (image attached). Now you get Full YouTube Experience. 

Note: Don’t Delete Vanced Manager as you can get updates for this App. Although You have to manually check updates.

Youtube Sign in Page

Enjoy the App.

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