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How to change Video Quality in Netflix

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In this article, we will look into How to change Video Quality on Netflix. Netflix is one of the Biggest and Most Popular Platforms for Movies and series. And also have one of the best user experiences for Watching. As Netflix has Millions of Users By Default All accounts come with Automatic Quality which works well for many users. But if you are a user like me who prefers just not to change the quality automatically because of unstable internet. You Have come to the right place. Follow these simple steps to change video quality on Netflix. 

Step 1 : Go to Account

Netflix profile

First, log in to your account. And on the right side, you can press profile (or a 3 dot on some devices) for options. And goto “Account”.

If you are using it on Mobile. press the profile to go-to options. And Select “App Setting”. And change Accordingly. 

Step 2 : Goto your Profile

Profile Settings

Now in Account Goto your Profile and Expand. You can see many options to choose From.

Step 3 : Now Goto Playback Settings

Now in Playback Settings press Change.

Step 4 : Select your option

Netflix Setting for Quality

Now you can choose one of the qualities you need. My Recommendations are :

Low: If you have very slow internet or simply want to save Data aggressively.

Medium: If you want Not the Best or the worst Quality. Also saves Data. I would recommend this if you have Data Cap or a little slower internet. It also gives Much Better quality than Low settings. 

High: If you have great internet and Need the Best Quality. This is Data Hungry as it uses up to 3 GB for HD and up to 7 GB for 4K So if you have a Data Cap on Internet this is Not the Best option as you could finish the Data Cap very fast especially if you like to binge-watch.

Also, this setting only changes Playback settings to your Profile only. It doesn’t change the playback option of others in your Account.

Enjoy Your Netflix. If you want to change anything just come back to this Settings and you can change.

Common FAQ :

1. Why does Netflix quality drops?
Ans: Simple answer is Netflix by default comes with Auto Quality so it automatically detects whether the internet is good or bad. You can change the quality as given above so that it doesn’t automatically change.

2. Can I change the quality of Netflix?
Ans. Yes, As given above. As a Note plans with lower quality have that as Maximum quality.

3. Netflix quality on PC / Mobile Bad? 
Ans: Simple answer is Netflix by default comes with Auto Quality so it automatically detects your connection. So most of the time it basically chooses what’s best for your internet. But sometimes the quality is lower when even your connection is strong. My suggestion is to change quality as given in the article to Medium or High so it stays in what quality you choose. But this does affect sometimes as your internet quality goes Bad it can No longer go Back to a lower quality so there will be Buffer.

4. How to Change Netflix Video Resolution?
Ans: Just follow the above article


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