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How to install Logisim on Mac

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Logisim is a tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. It is an Educational tool so it’s simple enough to facilitate learning the most basic concepts related to logic circuits. Although the development of Logisim is suspended long ago its still used widely for Education purposes.

Today we will guide you on How to install Logisim on Mac. Because Logisim development has been suspended the App is Not updated for a long time. So the Newer Mac OS version including Catalina and Big Sur simply doesn’t open directly. But thankfully there are some ways to get to open.

Step By Step Guide on How to Install Logisim on Mac

Step 1 :

First thing is to Download Java and install it. If it’s already downloaded then you can skip this step. Just Go to Download Link given down and Download and install.

Step 2 :

Next, go to Logisim Download Page given below and download and install it.

Note :

– Some browsers give prompt saying harmful file press keep it anyway

– Download the given logisim file where you can easily access because this is the App itself there is no additional installation needed


Step 3 :

Now if you are using the old Mac OS version it should open directly. If you are using the Newer version Follow the steps below.

Step 4 :

The First issue you may face is when you open the logisim it says “Logisim Cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified”. First, make sure you just open Logisim and close it. Then You have to Open “System Preferences“. 


Then go to “Security & Privacy” 

Then First you have to press “Click the lock to make changes” on the bottom left corner and put your password to verify. After that Now you can see a message That Logisim was blocked. Near that, there is an option “open anyway“. Press that and in prompt “open“.


Then Now it says it can’t be opened just press “Ok“.


Step 5 :

Now go to where you downloaded logisim Right-click the logisim and press “show package contents”. Then goto  “contents” > “Resources” > “java” > “logisim.jar“. And that’s it now you can use logisim.


+ Why Logisim is not opening in Mac?

Solution :

  • This maybe due to not downloading Java Files. If you didn’t dowloaded java then Follow Step 1.
  • Or Due to Security Risks that promt “Logisim Cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified”. This is usually caused in Newer Mac OS version as this Apps Development has suspended long time ago. If thats the case Follow Step 4.

+ When doing Long Circuits after saving the file and opening the saved file it shows an error in the circuit

solution : 

Some complex circuits or sometimes even simple ones have these issues. This is due to the App itself therefore there is not much you can do other than Just Reconnecting the Circuit wires where there is an error that works for some. 


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