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Kerala Vision Broadband introduces new plan to take on rivals

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Kerala Vision Broadband today introduced New plans to take on Rivals with Much More data at the same price. There are 3 plans. With 2 plans been upgraded and 1 new plan. The New plan costs Rs 449 ( Rs 535 with GST) with 30 Mbps giving 4000 GB of Data. While the other 2 were upgraded. The plan Rs 555 ( Rs 660 with GST) with 60 Mbps is upgraded from 1000 GB data to 4000 GB Data. The next one to be upgraded is the Rs 799 ( Rs 951 with GST) 100 Mbps plan also got a data bump from 1000 GB to 4000 GB. Most users won’t notice this data increase because using that much data is rare. And most household uses under 1000 GB of data Although this data increase a welcome change. Kerala vision broadband could have marketed this as an unlimited plan as most big providers cap unlimited data with a 3300 GB data cap but remain to be honest with their marketing which is a good way of marketing. 

The main reason for the updated plan is the competition even though Jio and Airtel have been named for good offerings their availability still remains mostly to Main cities/streets. The Main Competition is from BSNL with a similar price but was giving unlimited data (With a data cap of 3300 GB as said) with Landline for No additional cost. With Kerala vision’s old plans it was not competitive and BSNL was adding more users. With new plans, it is somewhat competitive although the plans that have Landline still cost more than BSNL.

Check out All Kerala Vision Broadband plans here.

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