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Kerala Vision Broadband plans 2022

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Kerala Vision one of the most popular cable services recently also became popular with Broadband services. As it provides both reliable and affordable plans for its customers. Recently Kerala vision broadband updated their broadband plans with giving more benefits than before. 

For Most users, FUP Plans are all needed. If you are really heavy users only then go with unlimited plans. Personally using a FUP Broadband plan and with Watching HD videos from YouTube and Netflix and Constant Heavy downloading and also sharing the broadband My Data Usage doesn’t go above 400 GB. Sometimes with more heavy usage, it will go around 500 GB. So For Most users, FUP plans are all needed. Also, Kerala Vision Broadband plans are prepaid. That Means you first pay then use the same like prepaid mobile packages which means you can try minimum package and later on if it’s not in half you can go for a higher plan for the next recharge. If you planning for yearly plans it’s one of the most affordable but not a lot of Data but it will be good for light to medium users. Also, Kerala vision gives Data Boosters for FUP Plans in case you exhausted data and Need Full speed.

There are Additional offers in some districts. And also there are additional offers for Broadband and Cable TV plans that are offered differently in different districts.

Note: We have listed plans that are suitable for most users. There are more plans on the Kerala Visions Website. The prices are not inclusive of Taxes. 18% GST Tax should be added. Some Prices are rounded Off to the nearest decimal. Data Boosters Validity is according to billing cycle that means For Eg: if your plan says yearly the data boosters validity is also yearly.

Check out the FUP plans :

Kerala Vision Plan

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