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Sony PS5 Receiving First Major Update with USB Storage Option

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Sony will start rolling out its first ever Major Update to ps5 tomorrow (April 14) globally. And it has several New Features and improvements. One of the Major one is storage expansion that several Fans have been waiting since the PS5 launch. But before start celebrating its not exactly the way u think it would. In a second you will understand what I am talking about. 

Here I will list All New Features and improvements that Sony has announced :

PS5 Storage Expansion and Management


Store PS5 Games on Compatible External USB Drives : This Feature allows to transfer your PS5 games to USB extended storage from your internal storage. So this means you can reinstall PS5 games whenever you want directly from the USB extended device which is atleast faster than Normal Disc or Most Home Internet. Do keep in mind this doesn’t allow to direcly play PS5 games from External USB. 

Sony explains it by saying that “Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD, PS5 titles can’t be played from USB extended storage. PS5 titles also cannot be directly downloaded to USB extended storage. However, games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option”.

And as I said that there is something missing that Most of you were waiting for. That is M.2 slot Expansion which is still under development. And Sony has said that Feature would be coming soon. 

New Social Features for PS4 and PS5 Consoles


PS5 also have another New Feature that is Cross-generation Share Play. With this PS5 and PS4 players can now share play together. This let your PS4 friend to view game screen or even try out the PS5 games through share play and vice versa.

And also Request to join game session. It allows a selection of  your friends joinable game sessions will now appear both on PS5 and PS4. Its serves more as a shortcut to sending a game invite in a Faster and Easier Manner.

And Other Minor Improvements For Better Experience

Other Improvements includes Improved Game Base, Disable Game Chat or adjust player’s volume, Game Update Pre-Download, Customize Game Library, Screen ZoomNew Trophy SettingsNew Stat Screen and Some New Feature For PlayStation App.

If you need more about features and improvements information do checkout Sony’s Ps5 blogs that provides detailed information Here.

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