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Indosat to slowly phase out 3G Network

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Indonesia: Indosat Ooredoo, One of the Network providers in Indonesia has come up with a plan to slowly phase out 3G Network and utilize its resource to expand and develop 4G and 5G rapidly throughout the Country.

According to the company sources, its 3G base transceiver station (BTS) count fell more than 22 percent annually to 35,000 units in the first half (H1) of this year while its 4G BTS count rose more than 30 percent to 69,000 units over the same period.

As 4G Network is now growing rapidly and also 5G Network starting to slowly pop up. Phasing out 3G will provide spectrum to reallocate to 4G which utilizes spectrum much more efficiently compared to 3G Network and will also give a Huge Boost in speed and capacity. This means users upgrading from 3G can expect buffer-free streaming, Better Plans with Much more data, and a much more reliable and fast network even during the peak time of the Network. 

As of H1 2021, Indosat Ooredoo has 60.3 Million Customers. And 40 Million 4G data customers. 4G Customers are growing at ~30% year-on-year(YoY). 4G gives growth in Average Revenue per User(ARPU) which is driving growth for the company. Also During Q2 2021, Indosat Ooredoo announced the launch of its first commercial 5G service in the city of Solo. 5G service is the next step in bringing world-class digital experiences to people in Indonesia. The launch in Solo established Indosat Ooredoo at the forefront of the 5G roll-out in Indonesia.

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