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XL Axiata continues to expand its 4G Network in Banten

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Indonesia : XL Axiata, One of the Major Network provider in Indonesia said in the past year it has been aggressively building 4G networks, in the form of more than 630 4G base stations, to rural corners that were previously unreachable in Banten Province.”Data traffic throughout Banten has increased by 76% in the last two years. Therefore, we must continue to build 4G networks, both to improve the quality of service, and for expansion into areas that are new and have great potential. Along with network development, we also continue to fiberize the network to increase capacity, so that customer comfort also increases,” said Region Group Head XL Axiata Jabodetabek, Rd. Sofia Purbayanti.

According to Sofia, currently XL Axiata’s 4G network throughout Banten Province has reached up to 154 sub-districts and 918 villages / villages throughout the city and district, with a total of 4.5 million customers. To sustain services throughout the province at the western tip of Java Island, XL Axiata operates a total of more than 10,700 Base Stations, including more than 4,000 of them are 4G base stations.

Throughout Banten, XL Axiata has the most BTS (base transceiver station) , including 4G networks, in Tangerang Regency, which is a total of 2,300 BTS, including more than 1,100 4G BTS. For the Tangerang City area, the service is supported by a total of about 1,800 BTS, including more than 800 4G Base Stations. For South Tangerang City operates about 1,700 BTS, about 780 BTS of which 4G.

For the Serang City area, XL Axiata has more than 800 BTS, with the number of 4G Base Stations reaching more than 300 BTS. While in Serang Regency there are more than 1,400 BTS, almost 500 BTS are 4G BTS. Then in Cilegon City operates more than 600 BTS, 200 BTS including 4G. Lebak Regency is served by about 850 BTS, with 250 of them 4G BTS. Pandeglang Regency gets XL Axiata service supported by about 1,000 BTS, including 4G network in the form of 300 4G BTS.

In addition to focusing on building 4G networks, XL Axiata also strengthens data services by expanding the construction of fiber optic or fiberization networks whose pathways go to BTS in banten. XL Axiata hopes that by connecting each BTS with fiber optic cables can further improve the quality of the network and of course will automatically provide more comfort to data service users.

Fiberization in banten region has been successfully carried out on 650 BTS, or about 31% of the total BTS in the province. The number of base stations that will be connected to fiber optic networks throughout Banten Province will continue to grow given the need to improve the quality of data services along with a significant increase in data traffic. Fiber Backhaul for Network will also be a Huge part of Future 5G Network. So for XL Axiata Fiberization of Network Now can lead it to be a Future ready Network for upcoming 5G and beyond. 

Meanwhile, related to the development of Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Area (KEK) as well as anyer beach tourism locations, Carita Bay, and Sawarna Beach, XL Axiata is ready to support the development of telecommunication infrastructure and 4G networks. Currently at the beach tourism location in Banten has been built as many as more than 130 4G base stations, as well as expanding the fiber optic network.


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